Yuri Grebenyuk

Yuri Grebenyuk


Grebenyuk Yuri Mikhailovich was born in 1957. in Dnepropetrovsk.
Lives in Tashkent, Uzbekistan since 1968.

Member of the Union of Artists at the Academy of Arts, Uzbekistan. Painter, painter, graphic artist.

The participant of many republican and international exhibitions:///

Tashkent - exhibitions in the Central Exhibition Hall of Uzbekistan from the late 80s to 2019.
2016 - Personal exhibition in the Palace of Culture, Almalyk, Uzbekistan.
2016 - Personal exhibition in Tashkent in "Society of Friendship Uzbekistan - Latvia".
2016 - Aug. Sept. Joint exhibition in the leading art gallery of Uzbekistan - "Autograph"
2017 - March. Joint exhibition in the Central House of Artists Moscow.
2017 - April. Personal exhibition in the Memorial House-Museum of the Ural Tansykbaev.
2018 - January. Personal exhibition in the art gallery Autograph, Tashkent.
2018 - March. Personal exhibition in the International Gallery "Karavan-Saray" culture (ICC) Ikuo Hirayama of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan in Tashkent.
2018 - August. A joint exhibition at the Central Exhibition Hall of Uzbekistan of the Academy of Arts of Uzbekistan.
2018 - June. Personal exhibition. Gazprom sanatorium "Soyuz", Moscow.
2018 - July. Personal exhibition. Sanatorium BES "Chagda" under the Ministry of Culture of Yakutia. Moscow.
2018 - August. Personal exhibition. Rest House "Snegiri" Office of the President of the Russian Federation. Moscow.
2018 - September. Personal exhibition - Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Uzbekistan.
2019 - Personal exhibition and opening of the art gallery "Yuri Grebenyuk Art Gallery".
2019 - May - Exhibition at the Tashkent House of Photography dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the Russian Cultural Center in Uzbekistan. "
2019 June 10: Personal exhibition at the GasProm Central Office Moscow, Russia.

Planned exhibitions for 2019: Kiev (Ukraine), Kazakhstan, Paris (France), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Moscow (Russia), New York (USA), Samarkand (Uzbekistan), Qatar.
Pictures of the artist are in private collections of Uzbekistan, Ukraine, USA, England, Japan, India, Hungary, Germany, Russia, Turkey, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, China, Greece, Holland, France, Canada, Serbia, Austria, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Singapore and also in the collection of the President of Uzbekistan Mirziyoyev Shavkat Miromonovich and Prime Minister Aripov A.N. Chairman of the Senate Tanzilya Narbayeva Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Pictures of Grebenyuk Yuri are in the International Business Center "Tashkent city", also in the collection of the famous Filipino multimillionaire Joseph Bismarck.
In his paintings, the artist gives the composition a strong dynamic, which is enhanced by a wide, sweeping, multi-layered manner of writing. Color in its various forms with a combination of shades and tones creates harmony, similar to the delicacy and subtlety of musical chords. The canvases are attracted by the inner intense expression, confidence and temperament, the dynamic and complex connection of color spots. In the pictures there is a feeling of the present, alive. From painting to the viewer goes the positive energy leaving an unforgettable impression.
Yuri Grebenyuk works in different techniques and areas of fine art: watercolor, oil, graphics, as well as avant-garde directions. The artist paid special attention in his work to the art of Oriental miniature (1989-2005). Currently, a collection of miniatures in the number of 20 paintings. At this time, the artist is in correspondence with the office of the auction house Christie's (Christie's) in Hong Kong on the presentation of this collection at auction. Over the years, the creative path (in 2019 - 51 years), Grebenyuk Yuri creates his paintings, which find a response in the hearts of many admirers, collectors and art lovers.
In the middle of April 2019 in the center of Tashkent a personal gallery “Yuri Grebenyuk Art Gallery” opened in the luxurious hall of the exclusive interior "LUSSO ITALIANO