My name is Gray Fairweather from Manchester, England, I am a self taught painter with no formal training. I have traveled around most of Europe painting and living for small parts of my life in places such as, Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Venice, Rome but to name a few, I now live in Brno, Czech Republic where I feel very settled.

My experiences of living in these places as given me the imagination and inspiration to be able to paint using the experiences of myself or other people I have met on my journey. My main focus is to try to paint on the belief of stories from which I am told or experience whilst using my own emotions at the particular time of creating the painting.

I have so far been lucky enough to have 8 Exhibitions and plan a 9th one where I live now in Brno.

If you wish to know a little more by all means contact me for a chat!

Thank you,

Gray x