I'm Don Walker from Parkersburg, WV. UNITED STATES
I’am a Born Again Christian, and consider my art talent as a Gift from God.
I been doing graphic art designs for the last 10 years.
I never know how something is going to turn out when I first start,
but My goal is to produce outstanding artwork.

I have my own website featuring my art at
If you go there and see a design you love that is not already here on this site
send me an email at telling me which design, also include this sites name ArtPal.
and I'll take care of it so you can buy the fantastic products with the fantastic art you really love.
I'am putting my art onto products for sale through several 3rd party sites.
So I pray for success with this endeavor.

I have Asperger Syndrome Disorder,
and Many things do not come easy for me as an Autistic person, but Art does.

But always remember that no matter who you are,
or what difficulties you face in life.
There is something you can excel at,
and it’s up to you to discover, and develope your skills in it.
Because that’s something GOD has put into all of us.

Don Walker, ARTIST.