Grant Riven Yun

Grant Riven Yun


Grant Yun is a contemporary artist currently living in Milwaukee, WI. Growing up in a household of artists, Yun began drawing and painting at a very young age with the help of his parents and aunt who were professional painters and sculptors. In recent years, Yun has found success in the United States and throughout the online world as a painter and digital artist. While many of his digital illustrations are concrete and often rooted in reality, Yun has developed an abstract painting technique to tackle ideas that encompass philosophical and religious theory. With his additional background in Religious Studies from the University of Wisconsin in Madison, Yun hopes to use his paintings as a thesis for conversations around anthropologic and religious theory based ideas. His primary modes of painting include both acrylic and oil based paints on conventional and non-conventional canvases.


Retro Futurism


Science Fiction