Gracie's Place Art Studio & Photography

Gracie's Place Art Studio & Photography

Paintings, Drawings, and Photography by Marcella.

Marcella spent her early years in Arkansas, and then moved with her family to California, USA, after being stricken with Polio at the age of three. Her interest in art began in childhood with a desert scene she had painted being exhibited by her school at the California Science Center in Exposition Park, Los Angeles. After she later married, her first painting, America, featuring a Bald Eagle in front of the American flag blowing in the wind, was purchased by an Executive at the Burbank Studios. Marcella sold her first painting!

Her second painting, The Lion, featured an African Lion in front of an African Plain. This painting was given as a surprise gift to a friend, who was ecstatic when she received it.

Both of these paintings, and all of Marcella's most recent artwork & photography, may be viewed by visiting Gracie's Place Art Gallery at the following web address:

Marcella's career took first priority throughout the years however, and she laid aside her paintbrush to help others with disabilities at a non-profit agency in the Los Angeles area. Recently, she has taken up her paintbrush again and formed Gracie's Place Art Studio & Photography...which was named in honor of her shelter-rescued kitty, Grace. She now is drawing commissioned Pet Portraits, which capture the personality of the animal, in addition to paintings of all things nature. Already, her Pet Portraits are a hit with pet owners. They even bring tears of joy to their eyes!

Recently, Gracie's Place has branched out to be Gracie's Place Art Studio & Photography...offering beautiful photos for sale, mostly clouds and flowers created by the artistic hand of God and captured on film by Marcella.

Marcella is an Artist, Published Writer, and Photographer More information is available on our webpage at

Artist Statement -
"I am fascinated by the intricate patterns of nature...the markings on a Tiger, the patterns and colors of a Butterfly's wings, Seashells, Aquatic life and flowers. Painting and drawing these subjects has given me a new respect for the Force behind nature, “Who” created the patterns, colors and myriad of animals existing in our world, both on land and under the sea.

At Gracie’s Place Art, we love all of God’s creatures. I hope that you too will appreciate these things even more by viewing my artwork and photographs."

We donate 10% from all purchases to charity.

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