Gennady Kleyner grew up in the former Soviet Union in Kiev. He started showing interest in art from the early age of 6, first drawing images with the pencil, later trying watercolors as a medium. Even though his parents sent him to music school, Gennady didn't stop practicing visual arts.

Later when he came to the West to pursue his passion he finally entered and graduated several art schools such as; Dundas Valley School of Art, and Ontario College of Art in Canada, where he had the opportunity to study under well known Canadian artists like; Graham Coffrey, Gordon Rainer, etc.

To further educate himself and in search of inspiration Gennady traveled to India and the Orient where the ancient culture, philosophy and art can still be found. Now living in Hamilton, Ontario he continues to explore the unlimited possibilities of artistic expression by producing new works on regular basis.
About his art Gennady speaks in justifying terms as of something that is beyond his control.

“To me art is more than just self expression. It is sort of like an addiction. If I don't cater to it's whims I feel worthless and unfulfilled. I felt that there is nothing of value I can contribute to humanity. I tried to pursue other more lucrative occupations but none of them stuck with me. Nothing else brings that same sensation of filling the gap in the heart. The creative process of painting is a powerful experience. It's kind of like having a supernatural ability. There is no limit of what you can do. If you want to make a tree? You can do it in minutes. If you want your tree to fly in the sky? So be it. There are no rules, no limitations. You will not be detained by the art police for making an inappropriate brush stroke or made to pay a fine for revealing your mood, emotions, your desires to the stunned audience of innocent onlookers. You are above the law of mundane mentality . You are God in your own universe of emotional chaos. Uncontested, supreme authority.“

Original Paintings