gOrk's BMX Art and Hander & Footer Originals

gOrk's BMX Art and Hander & Footer Originals


Few industries have a person so well known and respected that one name suffices in identifying them. In the world of BMX (bicycle motocross), it's "gOrk." As editor of iconic magazines such as BMX ACTION, the ABA's BMXer and USA BMX's PULL magazine, gOrk has left his mark on nearly every era of our sport. It was during his tenure with the ABA's official membership magazine - throughout the 90's, where he drew the Hander & Footer cartoon series; starring his original characters Juan Hander & Noah Footer. In 1999, after 10 years with ABA, gOrk moved to the Pacific Northwest to join Seattle Bike Supply as the Director of Marketing for their flagship brand - Redline (as well as about a half-dozen other proprietary brands, including Torker bikes and Pryme safety gear). In 2010, he was inducted into the National BMX Hall of Fame - in the "Industry" category.
After holding on to the original artwork from the 90's - gOrk has decided "Why not spread the art?" After all, it doesn't do anybody any good just being stored in the garage - does it? Now - YOU, can own a piece of BMX history from the 90's - and have either an original or PMT -scan of the actual artwork, or a high-quality print, that appeared in BMXer magazine. ...or nab one of his latest hand-drawn BMX posters.


80's Rampage

New gOrk Art

Hander & Footer Cartoons 1998-1999


Hander & Footer Cartoons 1996-1997

Hander & Footer Cartoons 1990-1992