gOrk's BMX Art

gOrk's BMX Art


In 2010, gOrk was inducted into the National BMX Hall of Fame - in the "Industry" category. As editor of iconic magazines such as BMX ACTION (late 80's), the ABA's BMXer (90's) and USA BMX's PULL magazine (2011-to-current), gOrk has left his mark on every era of BMX. It was during his tenure with the ABA's official membership magazine - that he drew the cartoon series titled Hander & Footer; starring his original characters Juan Hander & Noah Footer. After holding on to the original artwork from the 90's - gOrk decided "Why not spread the art?" After all, it doesn't do anybody any good just being stored in the garage - does it? Now - YOU, can own a piece of BMX history from the 90's - and have either an original or PMT-scan of the actual artwork, or a high-quality print that appeared in BMXer magazine. ...or nab one of his latest hand-drawn BMX posters, illustrations or photos.

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Hander & Footer Cartoons 1998-1999

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