Gordon Solomon Gallery

Gordon Solomon Gallery


Gordon Solomon; Artist, musician, author and teacher was born and raised in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands during the late 70's.

Gordon, a Caymanian artist who is best known for his “Spots of light” technique has no formal training as an Artist, but has worked diligently for years nurturing his talent to create works of art that jolt viewers, intrigues and invites them to stay a while longer and journey into his world.
He knew he was an artist from a young age and developed his skills on his own; he continues to unearth his talent. Gordon also worked for many years with outreach programmes, charities and with the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands; he enjoys teaching art and is proud of his heritage - looking to the future by observing his/the islands past.
Gordon studied Building Science, Construction, Architecture Design and Traditional Hand lettering at a local college. He uses this knowledge in his current works of buildings and maritime subjects, and as of recent merged his graphic skills with his abstract ideas.
“The imminent efflorescence of the Caymanian arts literally stands on the shoulders of giants like Gordon Solomon who singlehandedly carried the arts through the desert to the brink of the Promised Land where we now stand”. –Badir Awe, Awesome Productions CEO, Board Member of the Cayman Islands Film Commission (CIFC), Organizer Poinciana Festival

Represented internationally by:
ArtBlend Gallery, Florida, USA (Michael Joseph) www.artblend.com
Basak Malone LLC, New York (Basak Malone) www.basakmalone.com

Locally by:
The Ritz Carlton Cayman Art Gallery artcayman@gmail.com and Pure Art Gallery- Debbie Van Der Bol pureartcayman@gmail.com
Gordon’s original art can be bought online through www.artistinf.co.uk/artist/gordon-solomon/ various sites or by contacting him directly: www.gordonsolomon.com
His original artwork can be found in the collections: The Cayman Islands National Museum "Hope town"
and the National Gallery "Harold's Pickey Head Boy" and other local and international private residencies.

Collaboration and Solo shows:

February “Emerging” Ritz Carlton Gallery
April Gordon signed on with international gallery ArtBlend
April “ArtExpo New York 2015” Artblend Gallery, New York
April “Artist of the Month” Pure Art Gallery
June “CHAIR-ity” Montessori by the Sea third annual art gala fundraiser
July “Peripheral Spaces” Visual Arts Society, Camana Bay
August “Art at the Bay” Visual Arts Society, Camana Bay
September “Tidal Shift” Group Exhibition National Gallery
September “Dr. Moody” Solo Exhibition National Gallery; Dart Auditorium
December “Art in the Crown” Exhibition and Sale Grand Cayman Beach Suites
January “Serenity” Ritz Carlton Gallery
February “Poinciana Festival” People Choice Award Winner
January “Salt Water In Their Veins”
National Gallery Walkers Art Club
May This is us” Solomon Studio; Cayman Brac
August "Dear dairy" solo show featuring drip wroks.
Launch of GJS active wear VIDA https://shopvida.com/collections/gr
September taught classes "Sunsets and sangria s"
November taught classes "Autumn gauche"
December "Constitution in Brail"
Ritz Carlton group showRitz Carlton group show

Received the Gold Star for creativity from the Cayman Islands Cultural
November "Life on the colony" opens at DART Auditorium

February KAABOO artist
March "Life on the colony" opens at Solomon Studio.
Donations: Humane society and Jasmine

January "2020, we made it" open at Solomon Studio
February "Island of women" group show at National gallery
February DART opens public art display featuring GJS art
February group show entitled "Whimsical" opens at the Ritz Carlton
May virtual Q&A with Tennessee students
June Virtual exhibition with the National gallery

Dear Diary


Island life


Life on the Colony

Transluscent sails

City life

Abstract works

Cleansing Carnival