Churi Churi

Churi Churi

Welcome to my vision of the world, through the expression of ART!

My artistic ability has been passed down to me from one crazy generation to another, not because I was part of that process, but because it is the way our brains and heart have demanded us to be ...

From the beginning of my career, my critics have been not so kind, not because they didn't approve of my work, but because I wouldn't stick a specific style, or subject, even genre etc...

My answer to them is WHY NOT?

As we are all inspired by many subjects or moods, I'm no own representations of these diversities, include that of time and place.. things seen and unseen... I create them on canvas.

How can anyone only sing one note....for that matter, only hear one note?

My art is also a witness to my spiritual self and the unexplainable supernatural, experiences that have rendered my life miraculous and sometimes painful..
I am currently working on representing my life, these unique true events, on canvas...My memoirs " What is Truth?" will reveal some of these events.

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Modern Expresionism

Abstract Impressionistic


Churi Churi