Tatiana F. Light

Tatiana F. Light


Russian Art. Artist: Tatiana Fedorova Light - Artist from Russia.
Oil on Canvas- Style: Neo-Symbolism

Biography Tatiana F. Light:
"I was born in 1955, February, 3 in the picturesque resort village of Borovoye in northern Kazakhstan.

I wish to share the miracles that happened to me during my life:

During my childhood, when there was any problem with my health, I went to bed and told myself; "Tomorrow everything will pass, everything will be fine", and next morning I had recovered.

At the age of five, an event occurred, which showed me the direction of my life. My elder brother Gennady was a talented artist. One day, he put me on his knees; he took my hand in his, and sketched several women's heads. After a while Gennady joined the army and soon died at the Soviet-Chinese border. My grief was great. In his memory, I started to copy the female heads. I painted them frequently and everywhere – at home and at school, in school notebooks, the pages of my textbooks.

After graduating from high school in 1972, I enrolled in the Karaganda pedagogical University, art-graphic faculty. Upon my graduation with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art I went from Kazakhstan to Russia. Five years later, together with my husband, we moved to the capital of Tallinn, Estonia.
Life was difficult. I painted posters and landscapes to earn an income. My life’s obstacles and burdens eventually led to the fact that my health deteriorated.

In January 1, 1990, I awoke from acute pain in my spine. I was bent over to the point that I was not able to function. I endured this condition for a few days. One evening I had the desire to draw. Reclining in my bed, I did about ten sketches. I had never before drawn something like this. The next morning I woke up with a straight spine, extremely light and joyful.
At my first opportunity, I went to the doctor. The tests all showed that I was healthy and well! The doctor, knowing my health history, was perplexed to see that such a change in my health had taken place. The health change that had taken place gave me great peace and joy – knowing that I would not have to be taken by ambulance, as had occurred so frequently. All diseases were miraculously healed by the grace of God. These miracles were not over. When I closed my eyes, I was shown beautiful images. I was to depict in my paintings what I saw in meditation.

In 1991 I had my first exhibition at the Museum of health in Tallinn. The people were saying that my paintings were having healing properties. Day-to-day visitors were meditating, as they looked at them. They expressed that they felt some physical relief after viewing the pictures. The people were cured from illnesses. In the Scriptures it is written that our faith is given to us, and that our faith will save us.

I realized then, that I myself without God can do nothing. God living in me - is everything! He is the Great Creator and I am His hands and feet.

In 2000 I left Estonia on the Altai Mountains. I often relocated in search of the place where I would be comfortable and prosperous. In 2014 I moved to Montenegro.

The themes of my paintings represent a concept and consciousness that I try to embody.
The purpose of my work is to assist people to become devoted to the Light of the Father-Mother God and to encourage them to cooperate with the Hosts of Heaven, and discover a Wonderful God Reality.

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Virgin Mary

Aquarian Age