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Background on Catherine Goggia's creative endeavors:
- Catherine's first published comic book (1987) with collaborator, John Eagle, gained attention from then popular San Franscisco icon, Herb Cain, when he wrote them a note: "Chico Hindsight" is great fun! I needed the chuckles! Thank you, Herb Cain

- One of Catherine's cartoons was included in, "The Best Contemporary Women's Humor," published 1994.

- Catherine's T-Shirt line gained national attention in trade magazine, "The Press" article, "Prospering in the Preprint Market," highlighting her T-Shirt pyramid design, "Atypical Moments for Atypical People". 1989

- From her collection of cartoons in the book, "Something for Everybody," a selection was selected by jury for inclusion in a show at Different Light bookstore in New York. 1996

- Catherine's work appeared in Curve Magazine, Women's Glib, Hysteria Magazine, and the collection of women's humor, "What is this Thing Called Sex?" 1995-1998

- Catherine was hired by San Francisco artist, Laurel Burch, to draw and write for the Laurel Burch collection, as well as assist in the Sausalito, CA gallery opening. You can learn more about this experience on Catherine Goggia's YouTube channel in the video: 2 Life Lessons I Learned as an Artist.

- Goggia Graphics was highlighted in The Creative Spirit television series - you can also see this video on Catherine's YouTube channel:
- Catherine produced a line of hand-crafted greeting cards represented by New York agent, Constance Kay. 1999-2003

-Catherine wrote and illustrated the communication coloring book, "When I Think About How I Feel," available on Amazon, with proceeds benefiting local organizations that support the well-being of children.

- Catherine is an award-winning motivational speaker, and has often included her artwork in her presentations.

- Many of Catherine's cartoons are included in her book, "LIVE IT! Mastering Positive Attitude Habits", available on Amazon:

- Catherine owns one acre of property in the Northern California mountains just outside of the Lassen National Forest. Here she carves women out of cedar trees, creates large yard art paintings, and basks in the creative heaven that is nature.

The Goggia Graphics Art Pal gallery includes an inventory of some of Catherine's past work, as well as new drawings, cartoons, and designs.
Thank you for taking time to visit the gallery!

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