Liane Seffern and Gudrun Jaenen-Fabry Goejae-art
have worked together since 2004 in Europe and USA.
Teaching art in schools and private lessons. Also commissioned to do specific art work.

They are unique in their way of working because they often paint in turns on one canvas. This causes the tension between chaos and peace which then leads to a balanced, colourful piece of art. For years they painted as individuals so this is a new way of working for both of them. Their paintings visualise a world out of the abstract. With this they try to bring to life the imagination or fantasy of the observer. They always expand their borders, seeking for ultimate beauty.

"In art we should experience freedom. With one wing of technique and the other of faith.
Sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see. We need both wings to fly".

More art on http://artintexas.sessibeau.com