Sarazen AnYin

Sarazen AnYin

Sarazen AnYin, artist, fiber craftswoman, wordsmith, abuse and trauma survivor, PTSD sufferer, single mom of four amazing near adults. Living in Eastern TN, learning how to be comfortable being seen.

Born in Massachusetts, Sarazen was the child of a dysfunctional combination of North Eastern aristocracy and hard scrabble South Eastern mariners. She did most of her growing up in North Carolina right by the largest army base in the lower 48. While her toddler education included embroidery fit for any fine drawing room, other parts of her day were spent knee deep in questionable creek water catching fish and frogs.

Her youth was shadowed by familial mental illness. The arts, fiber craft and writing were her sanctuary from the chaos. Knitting and sewing carried her through the long years of getting an English degree. She picked up spinning 22 years ago shortly after the birth of her oldest daughter. Painting and felting followed almost a decade ago not long after the discovery of her husband’s double life and second family.

Today the traumatic experience of her marriage along with the joys of raising four kids and living all over the country inform her work. Themes of identity, authenticity, vulnerability, psychology, the complexity of reality and the terrible beauty of nature itself are regular creative visitors.

A member of the Foothills Craft Guild, she lives and works in Eastern Tennessee, surrounded by lush forests and the legacy of the Manhattan Project.

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