Dwight Baird

Dwight Baird


Contemporary Urban Landscape

I try to find beauty where most people would never
dream of looking - winding backstreets, narrow
alleys and darkened

Based on four elements - light, color, dynamic
composition and unique subject matter,
I paint the sadness, joy, hope and despair of
humanity within a social context.

I work with acrylic paint on gessoed masonite
panel - three coats and lightly sanded between
each coat.

My work is a combination
of larger, big brush impressionist strokes and subtle
squares juxtaposed with highly defined focal

The subjects and style of my work are in constant
evolution as I discover new places and new

This most recent series of works depicts the daily
struggle in Cuba. Not just paintings, these pieces
can be viewed also as a collection of historical
documents of a country anchored in the past,
but on the verge of dramatic change.

The Cuban Collection-

La Dolce Vita - Venice

The Joy of Winter...

France and Beyond...

Night Vision