Andrew Lucas

Andrew Lucas

I was born in Salisbury and being surrounded by countryside and medieval architecture, my love of rural and urban spaces started from a young age. Art and drawing had always interested for me and allowed me express the way I felt about the world around me.

In my late teens I began painting watercolour, and with its unforgiving nature allowed me to forge a love, respect and passion for the medium and its difficulties early on. I have worked in all mediums but found that watercolour was the most expressive for me and so the majority of my work is centered around it.

In 2003 I held my first solo exhibition titled " The Inspirational world " in the Portico Gallery in Salisbury. This was crucial and confirmed my desire to be an artist and to share my passion for painting and drawing with the wider audience. Later that year I relocated to Devon where I still live and work today.

I continue to create new work and collections of various subjects and locations, with a view of exhibiting and sharing the work that I produce.