Artist's Statement for Kathi Anserello

I began working with glass as an art medium nearly 5 years ago. What began as a novel social outing at Water Street Glassworks, Benton Harbor, MI, grew into an enticing hobby and has become a joyous passion. I never imagined that the colors and shapes of the stained glass church windows and depression art glass originally appreciated in my childhood would lead me to this point.

For inspiration, I find myself falling back on past experiences with a variety of art forms including clay, metal work, printmaking, photography, and fiber arts (crochet, sewing, and needle craft). I believe that working with glass allows me to blend my favorite qualities from each. I especially enjoy pairing vibrant colors with subtle tones in glass. Elements, textures, and patterns in nature have also found a place in my work. While I enjoy seeing pieces come out as planned, I have been taught to accept the unexpected results by embracing the "happy accidents" that turn out more beautiful than anything I had imagined. I hope to continually challenge myself with new glass experiences and incorporate what I have learned into my work.

Look for my work at local markets in the late spring, summertime, seasonal shows, as well as several local galleries in Southwest MI ( Skip's European Market, Union Pier, MI; Chapel Hill Craft Show, Berrien Springs, MI; Water Street Glassworks, Benton Harbor, MI; or Ruby Slippers, Union Pier, MI). Also, you can find my pieces in Art-o-Mat's refurbished and repurposed cigarette vending machines in venues throughout the US and internationally.

Commissions accepted.

Fused Glass Functional

Fused Glass Decorative