Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio

Damon Roberts -x- Glass Siren Studio


My name is Damon Roberts. I'm an artist and printmaker. During the last 15 years i have focused my energies on unearthing the magic that can be achieved with the silkscreen print process.

I originally started out as a designer working mainly on music industry projects then gradually began to set up a silkscreen print studio and building all the equipment from scratch that i use to this day.

Much of my work is of an abstract nature and is heavily inspired by sound, music, architecture, modernism, constructivism and mid century design.

I will be gradually listing a number of hand produced abstract prints on to ArtPal over the coming weeks.

In the meantime if you would like to understand more about my ideas and working practices i would suggest checking out my personal website where there is a plethora of detailed background information....