Painting by V Deaton

Painting by V Deaton

Some people say you are born with the ability to be an artist, or not. If that is so, then being an artist is a gift for which I am very grateful. I believe we all have that creative spark, no matter how it manifests itself, whether it is in drawing, painting, decorating a room or knowing what colors work well together in an outfit. We all can nurture that gift.

I love to paint. I’ve been self-taught for most of my life and was inspired and taught by artists such as Dorothy Dent, Robert Warren and Gary Jenkins, master artists teaching many different methods of painting. I grew up watching them on PBS and the internet over the years and taking classes from them in person.

At one time I earned my living by traveling the United States selling country and Victorian-style home decorating accessories. What a blast that was! I painted on everything from fabric, to wood, to metal, and of course, canvas. However, when the economy tanked, and with the responsibility of having two children to support, I had to take a creative detour.

I shifted my career into graphic design. For more than 2 decades I’ve successfully earned a living in graphic and web design in the advertising and marketing departments of various companies. I’ve got pieces of paper with degrees and certificates that say what I already knew…I’m born to create.

I’m thankful for my success and although I still keep my hand in designing websites and other collateral graphics, I’m thrilled to be focusing more on my first love, working with oil paints. I paint daily and teach at several venues. I want to help others explore their creativity by teaching oil painting and offer local oil painting classes.