Ginette Malouin Visual artist

Ginette Malouin Visual artist

Being an artist of the soul, with a strong contrasts in my nature, free spirited on the one hand, but very structured and Cartesian on the other, it is this clash, the chaos ... whether controlled or not .... that fuels my creativity. This figurative reference is often integrated into the abstraction of my work.

I paint by emergence. This form of expression makes it possible to respond spontaneously to the creative gestures without a starting point or preconceived concept. It's all about being there, being present......losing my sense of self and surrendering to the process of creation, allowing the free flow of my inner voice onto the canvas, leading to a process of self-discovery and the freedom of creation.

Everything inspires me. Everything has beauty if we take the time to look, to stop. I let images, sounds, emotions impregnate my subconscious until it reveals itself on my artworks.

I prefer mixed media and water based mediums in my artworks and use diverse supports such as, Terraskin, tissue paper, canvas or wood. My work also includes experimentation with structural paste, and on occasion the inclusion of collages materials. Visually, I enjoy expressing spontaneity, movement, transparency and fluidity.


Mixed media

Alcohol ink