Ginette Art

Ginette Art

I was born in France, lived in France and Germany and now in the United States. My main work is original oil and watercolors. I don't like to be categorized.
I have studied the impressionists and post-impressionist. If I had to pin down where my influence and my inspiration for how I paint comes from, it is rooted in my love for the painters of the impressionist era.

My focus has always been to develop my own style. I study color theory and painting techniques but I mostly learned and still learn, by doing.

I enjoy the process of painting and my subject matter is always a reflection of who I am as a person. Basically I paint what I love and I answer to know one. I hope you love my art and purchase my originals. If you're interested in specific art theme contact me at: Read my news on

I have been selling my work online since 1999!

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