Gillian McIntosh

Gillian McIntosh

Gillian is a self taught artist who lives in the Wye Valley in South S Wales the UK. I was Born the Scotland before moving to the South of England. l have always painted and my brushes and pallete are never for away. I have had a very busy career have 2 wonderful children who have always helped ground me. I try to paint everyday to keep me motivated. my other passion horses

Botanicals; are done in watercolours I can achieve wonderful vibrant colours with good detail some of these can take up-to 200 hours typically they take about 80hours

Pastel; are done with pastels pencils and chalks this allows you to get that software look and gives the ability to mix the pastels on the paper to build up the colour

Oils; Recently have been experimenting with oils this is a whole different type of medium l love it it's more challenging in some aspects and forgiving in others

Oils still life

Pastel Equine

Rainy days