Josep Gil

Josep Gil

Josep Gil

Resume biographic:

Figurative Barcelona painter, exponent of current realism, Licensed "cum laude" by the University of Fine Arts of Barcelona, his pictorial theme is very versatile being his favorite subjects the landscape in its wide spectrum as well as the human figure, including the portrait. His work is appreciated by both private collectors and various institutions, among other institutions, has work in the private collection of the SAT health entity of Sabadell.
Very well received by critics since its inception as well as by art gallery owners and collectors.
Josep Gil has been distinguished in various international competitions both in drawing and painting, in drawing the Inglada Guillot International Competition in Barcelona, being first prize in 1994, in painting, among the most relevant, being a finalist in the BP Portrait International Painting Contest of London 2013 and 2015 being selected among 2750 participants with his work "Tempus transit" and receiving orders from English private collectors, as well as from the institution itself. Also selected for the exhibition at the International Competition MEAM Figuratives of Barcelona 2015 institution that acquired one of his works for that reason.

Josep Gil is undoubtedly a relevant artist to take into account in the current art scene.

Brief summary of distinctions and exhibitions between the years 2000 to 2019. individual or / and collective.

2000 Prize of honor of the XIV International Exhibition of the Plastic Arts, Barcelona. ACEA

2000 Individual exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts in Sabadell.

2000 XXII International Landscape Exhibition, Firenze (Italy).

2002 Da Vinci Gallery (Milan) Il nuovo paesaggio
Individual Exhibition

2005 First International Biennial of Barcelona -Japan
The current art, modality works on paper with Chinese ink in the Batlló house in Barcelona.

2007 Second International Biennial of Barcelona

Current landscaping at the Batlló house.

2012 individual exhibition in the gallery OMNIUM ARS, Platja D´Aro (Girona).

2016 Individual exhibition in the gallery Trino Tortosa de Almería.

2019 First Prize for painting of the Amills Sisó Art Foundation. Barcelona.

2019 Selected to participate in the Taipei Art Revolution International Art Fair that will take place next April 2019
2020 exhibition in Herraiz Gallery Madrid.

2020 Selected to participate in the prestigious Salon of contemporary Art in Toulouse. France

2020 Solo exhibition in Sharon Gallery, opening 27th February at 20h30 Leon, Spain

Some relevant press quotes.

Josep Gil

The versatility of Josep Gil's painting is so great that it is impossible to reduce his pictorial path to a few lines.
But all the aesthetics have faced them with intensity, seeing the world from the color, creating their subtle paintings, one could say, primrose, where the forms are not supported by the forms, but by the pure chromatic energy. Let's add that it is also a reference in the figure and the urban landscape of Barcelona.

Are not only your trains sometimes so immersed in that atmosphere of dreaming and emotional evocation so in the line of the souvenir? interior of other great painters of the past like Corot. They are also their cities, their Barcelonas, their Venecias that totalize with great perspective that distillation of their particular inner vision, as well as their dreamlike intimacy and their infinity of perception in the human figure.

In this art, so deep and dynamic there is, however, something that touches them; a kind of Hellenic accent, as a rediscovery of the landscape and the figure with recent pupils.

"the landscape in contemporary Spanish painting"

Josep María Cadena "El periodico"