Tapping The Marvellous

Tapping The Marvellous


Derek Philip Monteiro ( Profile)
Born in 1960, Derek was studying for an M.Sc. Physics degree at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay when the call of art beckoned , so he bid farewell to a career in physics, to pursue his first love –Art !!!

With no formal training in art, he had long been active scribbling, drawing, painting and writing away whenever a free moment presented itself.
A self taught artist, in addition to fulfilling his academic requirements ,he also spent a lot of time at the IDC Industrial Design Centre on the IIT Campus, Powai. .
So, here is an artist with a powerful sense of vision.
Derek is completely at ease with a variety of colour media, including oils, acrylics, oil pastels, glass paints, ink, and multi-media collages. Intuitively, he accepts reality as metaphysical, which cannot be defined in words and beyond what the physical senses can comprehend.
He describes his art as “ Tapping The Marvellous .”.

The Mumbai based artist has a fine track record built over the last two and a half decades. He has exhibited his art in Mumbai, Goa and the U.K. and his paintings are all over the globe.
A unique intelligence and originality shines through his paintings. He is one artist who has blended innovation with hard work and come up with stellar displays of acute sensitivity to his inner vision.
A highly talented artist, Derek , has a unique sense of satirical humour. Matching this is his exotic style of painting and composition.He also has a great sense of fun, design and of colour.

He has also two music albums to his credit:
The Little Giggle Ashram( A Mystical Journey) (soft rock/folksy /philosophical) and The Little Giggle Mafia( Santa comes to Clown) (a satirical rendition of x’mas carols)

Any attempt to interpret Derek’s art/music would be irreparable, so we would like to share the artist's own musings………..
"It is natural for man to love beauty, since beauty, deep within is his essence. Beauty is that which delights the human self; for in contemplating it, the self returns as it were, from the far country, back home to where it truly belongs. The purpose of art may be described as the pursuit, interpretation and expression in the external human world, of that inner beauty which is essentially the intangible, invisible, ideaI and which all artists desire or should desire!”

- Dnyaneshwar Nadkarni
Art Critic