I was born in Montreal and lived now in the beautiful Memphremagog Lake area in the province of Québec for the past few years. Artist especially passionate, I am totally invested in my art.
The desire to paint dates from my childhood. Then, it is by going through symposia in 2013, that I rediscovered this hidden passion. Several courses and workshops were added since then.
My medium:: acrylic, I include texture that gives originality to my signature.

My paintings are inspired by nature, whether in abstraction or semi-abstract and sometimes even figurative, making me feel directly in contact with nature. I appreciate the freedom this style gives me. The colors are very present in my art, being soft, peaceful but sometimes vibrant.

I’ve always been in touch with the public hence the creation of my characters without faces. My characters emit an emotion, a state of mind that is clearly felt by the observer. In 2017, we appreciate my characters which resulted by several successful sales. So I decided to go for it and present my works.

The love of my art has no limit, I have a will to surpass myself. I paint as I want, I am a colorful artist who do not like routine. Adventure-loving and daring are well illustrated in my works. Every day, I smile gratefully at my creativity, painting has become my ultimate passion!.
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