B Alan Heisler

B Alan Heisler


"Art is not what you see; what you see are pictures.
Art is not how you feel about the pictures; what you feel is already in you.
Art is not the skill or talent applied in picture making; craftsmanship can only be a vehicle used in the making.
Conflict between psyche and spirit compels subjective expression.
Art is the moment of that expression.
Nothing else matters."

I’m a self-taught artist, born 1955, Columbus, Ohio.
I don’t remember a time when I wasn’t fascinated with drawing, painting and making things of aesthetic value. My journey in art began as a childhood dream and has always been important to my life. Thoroughly enamored, teaching myself the principles of artistic construction became a driving force. My early studies began in illustration – story-boarding, commercial illustration and advertising – but I was never satisfied with the constraints that illustration for hire required. I developed a compulsion to express my inner self through visual art. Fine art became my passion.
The study of early 20th Century art led me to believe that I was indeed a cubist. But I soon discovered myself to be a surrealist at heart. The strangest part is that nearly all my inspiration comes from the art of the cubists. I can think only of a few surrealists, as innovative as many have been, to have inspired me to create. I find myself – spiritually and philosophically – within the surrealistic realm, but my applications most always support the elements of cubist construction. Cubistic-surrealism, I have come to call it; and it has become the visual principle on which my artistic philosophy is founded.
I currently reside with my wife in our new house in Blacklick, Ohio where my main studio is located.
Reach me online to discuss your interests and needs in art. My prices are always negotiable and all works are unconditionally guaranteed for 30 days.
www.artpal.com/gheisler04/ or P.O. Box 677 Brice OH 43019.