Arts Alive Studio

Arts Alive Studio

I am a retired Attorney, living in California. I have always been interested in art since the 8th grade. I took art classes in high school and college but became a Lawyer to make a living. After retiring from the District Attorney's office in Yolo County I turned to playing golf which I played religiously for several years until I saw art show on PBS by Jerry Yarnell. Jerry paints in acrylics and since I had no experience in that medium I looked around for a local instructor.

I never found one but I received a flyer in the mail for my local community college which had an acrylic painting class offered in the summer. I signed up and began working at my painting seriously, first in acrylics then back to oils, which is my preferred method of painting. Since then I have taken 9 art classes at the community college and watched numerous art videos working to expand my artistic talent.

I do animal and bird paintings, although my favorite subjects are landscapes and seascapes, with an occasional still life thrown in for variation. In most of my artwork, I try to draw the viewer into the painting so that they become a part of it. I don't always succeed. But I keep trying.

My father used to say that success isn't measured by the things you do right but by the things you do wrong. We learn from our mistakes. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you see something that you are excited to see, as much as I was excited to create it.