The Greenleaf Gallery llc

The Greenleaf Gallery llc

hello my name is James I was born and raised in the artistic mountain town Santa Fe. High deserts, beautiful mountain ranges these were some of the environments that sculpted me into an Ink painter. I have traveled internationally and added the unique experiences into my motivation as a painter and painting instructor.

I always wanted to practice a style of art that encourages my imagination to freely create as I observe and live with these minimalist paintings.I found my creativity flourish in this traditional ink painting style called Sumi-e (ink picture in Japanese). The goal of painting in this style is to capture the essence of a composition and encourage the audience to build with the art as moods and emotions evolve. This Painting style has been so fulfilling and life affirming, may the luck, love, health and wealth enter your life with these paintings as it has mine. Many thanks for checking this ArtPal show space ggallery llc enjoy the show.

Bamboo Series


Abstract Sumi-E