When I was in my teens, I loved to sketch, draw and create different designs with pencil, oils and/or water colors. I took art throughout my junior and senior years of high school.

Prior to computers, I took 4 years of drafting and because everything was done by hand, I really enjoyed the technical aspect of it.

After graduating from high school, I went to an art academy in Dallas, TX where I focused on oil and acrylic painting on canvas. Soon thereafter, I joined the Air Force and served in the electrical and mechanical fields. While in the military, and because I always had an inquisitive mind and loved to learn, I took as many classes as I could.

After the military, I spent 4 years at a small Prosthetic Laboratory where I worked as a mold maker. This entailed the artist to sculpt missing body parts of individuals out of wax. It was my job to make a mold out of it and then reproduce it in silicone. While working at the Laboratory, I sculptured many body parts, including fingers, hands and feet.

My next job consisted of working in the electrical and mechanical field where I spent the next 9 years building electrical panels. I am at present working at a print and sign shop.