Gerry K. Furgason

Gerry K. Furgason

Born in Kentucky, Gerry K. Furgason received art training at The University of Louisville. After residing in Texas and North Carolina for a number of years, she returned to her hometown of Louisville in 1971. Since that time she has devoted much time to painting, teaching. demonstrating and exhibiting both in the area and out of state.

As Assistant Superintendent of the Kentucky State Fair Fine Arts And Crafts Department, Gerry had the opportunity of gaining an expanded knowledge of the art world through meeting artists of varied interests.

Working as Executive Gallery Director of a Louisville non-profit organization, Gerry assisted local artists and craftsmen in presenting their creative works to appreciative audiences.

Gerry looks back on meeting thousands of visitors while participating in many past art shows including exhibiting for thirty-eight years in the juried, prestigious Louisville St. James Court Art Show.

As an oil painting instructor, Gerry has opened the door for countless adults to enter a realm where art colored their world. While never touching their paintings, she pointed the way to solving their problems both on a canvas and in their daily lives.She was rewarded in knowing that those individuals who had never picked up a pencil to sketch were encouraged to now follow her footsteps along creative paths to new horizons.

Throughout her art career, Gerry has won numerous awards and prizes in various art shows and competitions. She has also executed commissioned works for individual collectors and institutions both in sculpture designs and oil painted canvases.

Gloria, In Excelsis and Deo, are Gerry's miniature sculpture Christmas Renaissance Angels while her whimsical Guardian Angels are in charge of everything from tennis courts to kitchen and library areas. The "Bluegrass Valley Elves" carry Inspiration seeds to the homes of their owners and her "Old Towne Village" celebrates the facades of homes in the Louisville area.

Gerry's art energies have not been limited to palette and brush. Gerry's weekly column, "Painting The Scene" was carried in the local "Newsweek" newspaper for thirteen years.The column highlighted events of interest to all artists, craftsmen and their followers with special emphasis on art exhibitions and competitions.

Painted Landscapes and Photographs by this artist deal with the beauty of remote areas seldom appreciated by those who have not ventured into the woods or wilderness. Because of her respect for nature's unsung splendor, Gerry has photographed and painted scenes from her favorite painting locations and now presents them along with miniature sculpture works on products for use in home or office through the ArtPal website.

Her series of SOUTHERN DRAWLS offers words to live by and phrases to remember. The quotes and phrases in the series are placed on reproductions of the artist's works to feature outstanding snippets of wisdom in a unique manner.

It is hoped that the works of Gerry K. Furgason will be enjoyed by all who view them and that the pleasure derived in so doing will again return during quiet moments of reverie.