Gerald J Sandau

Gerald J Sandau

Gerald, a self taught sculptor, born and raised in Western Canada, has dedicated his life to wildlife conservation through art. He first gained a reputation as a wood carver, receiving many awards from the British Columbia Woodcarvers Association.
In 1995 an accident amputated the four fingers of his left hand, making it impossible to hold the carvings while working on them. Out of necessity, he turned to stone as a medium. Gerald can turn large lumps of natures stone into detailed three dimensional images natures creatures.
He creates One-Of-A-Kind, highly detailed, realistic, portraiture and wildlife sculptures and works with Alabaster, Perypholite(Wonderstone) and Soapstone.

TAKEN FOR GRANTED are the things we most appreciate and enjoy:

The Song Birds cheering the early morning risers;
The majesty of the Bull Moose and the Blue Whale;
The serenity of the Bald Eagle circling high overhead;
The hunting cry of the Timber Wolf and the Coyote;
The cunning of the Fox;
The lordship of the Grizzly Bear;
The kinship between Man and the Dolphin on the high seas;
The beauty Nature blesses us with, every day of our lives;
What if - tomorrow, THEY WERE GONE?
It is my hope that my sculpture will arouse in you an awareness of the
beauty of our Heritage and why we must preserve it for the
future generations. Our Creator bestowed upon every one of us the
custodianship of this wondrous Planet and all its creatures. Greed and
fear are Man's greatest faults, and Nature's greatest enemies.
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