Georg Kiehn

Georg Kiehn


GEORG KIEHN, Visual Artist. Painter.
Born in Hamburg, Germany, he studied Philosophy and Psychology in Konstanz, Germany, although he decided to live as a modern nomad, in permant movement. He studied drawing and painting in exotic places as, Rajastan, India under the guide of traditional art masters for four years as member of their famous studios. He then continued his art studies with different major painters in Greece, Honduras, Bolivia, Mexico and Argentina. Due to this original wandering tendencies in search of experiences and adventures, he is considered a cosmopolitan worlwide traveled painter with a unique and alive style where he expresses all his passion for life, on his canvasses.

His work is considered basically, Surrealist, although with a strong influence of cubism , expressionsim and essencialism, with a unique style which tends to tell us a story through every one of his vivid colours, magical images and the dreamy atmosphere of his paintings.

Exhibitions: (Selection)
2000- Goethe Institute, Sucre, Bolivia
2004- Galería Forma, Buenos Aires, Argentina
2006- Siemens Forum, Munich, Germany
2007- Exhibition Hall, Hania, Crete, Greece
2008- American Club , Buenos Aires, Argentina
2008- Private Art Collectors, residences in Paleochora, Crete, Greece-
2008- Series of Murals, Paleochora, Crete, Greece
2009- Invited to participate in various International Art-Exhibitions

COMMENTS and Critics:
Georg Kiehn, the “Storyteller Painter”, renowned for his original talent, versatility, and professional technique. Possessor of a unique style, bared to us in his paintings through his worldwide timeless thematic. Each one of his magnificent canvasses, makes him a superb universally understood painter, as he speaks of different cultures and far away worlds with his pallet, his elusive and mysterious figures, added to his personal overall mystical and engimatic pictorial language.
His works have been acquired by Art Collectionists in Greece, Argentina, Mexico,Uruguay, Germany and Bolivia.
Recently, he started with his original personalized paintings, as a “Storyteller Artist”. Having a personal interview, the client tells his deep dreams,his most magical life stories, his wishes. And Georg as a magician, paints these words in his own fantastic, colorfull and dreamy Chagallian style.
The client´s dreams usually come true...