george telford

george telford

George Telford[retired] spent almost forty years working for Rolls- Royce in the motor car division at Crewe .Employed in the Publications Dept. as Technical Artist / Chief Technical Artist, and for the last 20 years prior to retiring as Publications Manager .George lives in the Cheshire countryside near the picturesque village of Wybunbury and the famous Wybunbury Moss Reserve which teams with wildlife ,rare moths and butterflies are also in residence . Some quite rare birds ,Buzzards and Woodpeckers can be seen and heard regularly in the area . This location is ideal as George loves to draw and paint British animals particularly birds and tries to spend some part of each day at the easel with a paint brush in his hand.His favourite being the Tawny Owl . This however can lead to domestic problems as the bungalow is gradually being overtaken with canvasses. Drawing and painting is the priority and no effort is made to promote them, here is where ,we hope Art Pal will save the day.

The Black Grouse

The Wybunbury Moss

The long eared owl at the local pub