Genevieve's Art Collective

Genevieve's Art Collective

As a new mother, the purpose behind my work has vastly shifted from my early art education. The work that has captured my attention most as of late, has been the human form and spirit. Capturing the essence of my boys, creating work that brings them joy, as well as pieces that aid my healing and needs, have become my main themes. I am passionate about the idea of translating memories and events into works that speak to larger audiences on an emotional level.

I’ve been using my work to process and heal through traumas and events in my life. In January I learned of the suicide of one of my former students, which had a significant impact on me. This event has created deep sadness in me but has also strengthened my drive to help my current and future students. I hope to help them see that there will always be a way out, a way to a better time, and possibly that art can be a part of that way.

My creations and media use is quite varied. Large graphite portraits, acrylic paintings on glass, and oil paintings are some of my favorites. I have been working on pushing my ability to do more realistic work, getting finer details in my pieces to truly capture lifelike moments. I also enjoy working with fibers doing needle felt pieces and integrating embroidery into those works.

I am constantly continuing my artistic education so that I can bring new tools and ideas from my studio to my classroom. I have a strong belief that one must always be challenging themselves and growing or one will lose the joy in their creations.