Hello and welcome. Thanks for stopping by. Ayo Akinola here - an England-based artist but originally hails from Nigeria, West Africa. He has been a gifted artist right from when he was still a knee high to a grasshopper. As a matter of fact, it all started right from his primary school days.

Now, if you are looking for high quality artworks, then you are in the right place. He has many years of experience in this forte. Many folks that are close to him continually attest to it, Guess what! He has modestly watched this keen sense of conviction sweep across hundreds of faces.

All to the glory of God, he has seen kudos, thumbs up, hi-five expressed in sensational excitement over his artworks. Although, to think and rest on yesterday's achievement is to cut short the vision of a better tomorrow. That said, let 's dive right in now to feast your eyes on the stuffs he has in store for you.

In a way, the aesthetic rendition of his artistry unequivocally portrays the versatility evidently seen in all the art materials he uses in his artworks. However, we all learn day by day which is why he still models himself on the likes of his mentors. At least, if you have to copycat, you need to 'copy the right cat'. it is said, he who has good mentor will never lack good method.

Further-still, people remarkably say time and again that he is talented. He draws, paints, and sculpts accurately well. It is crystal clear their keen observation ever seems unbending. This goes to show he is truly gifted in fine art that in just nothing but few seconds of his settling down to sketch - just after his rapt study of the given subject, observers cannot but excitedly notice the striking resemblance of that that has been rendered on sketch pad or canvas when he is done with it.

In actual fact, nothing could be more fun than to love what you do and feel that it matters. At least, nothing energizes a person the way passion does. Passion, however, is something you cannot fake. None of his contemporaries has ever underestimated or seen him as underdog in any art competition. But rather he comes up trumps time and again to the accolade of many of his admirers.

More than that, he appreciates your precious time spent in his art gallery and so also your constant patronage. In case, you have any questions, requests or concern do feel free to get in touch with him through his e-mails; or
Many thanks once again for your time and continued support as he fervently wishes God continues to bless you.


Acrylic on Canvas