Greetings! I am a native American artist. I am of the zuni pueblo tribe, based in Northwest New Mexico. Here in the united states.

I found my passion for art early on in my schooling years. Throughout my time in mid school and high school I learned painting, pottery, beading, and I even learned music. I played the saxophone throughout my high school years. I graduated with the class of 2009.

Now I study art and all aspects of it. in the past few years I have learned leather tanning and crafting, digital art, photo editing, and now my preferred art is rock carving and gem making. although I like carving the best, I look forward to creating and learning new forms of art.

I choose rock carving because to the zuni tribe it is one of the oldest art forms. it is believed that the zuni tribe was the first to carve animals out of rock, which are called fetishes. and I want to continue this ancient art, but also I want to be creative with my work and add on to my style as much as I can.

When I am not in my studio you can find me fishing at the lake or hiking in the mesa's.

I live with my family including three cats, two dogs and a green parakeet. My brother is also a paint artist. My father was a jewelry maker now retired, and my mother works with the zuni school district.

My name is Christopher Gchachu and I am looking forward to meeting you!

Thank you for reading, god bless and have a great day!

carving arts