Le Viève Arts

Le Viève Arts


Le Viève Arts is owned by an international artist who is inspired by love, compassion, stories, nature, colours, emotions, communities, life experiences and music. Our arts are authentic, sustainable, textured, modern & semi-abstract, displaying varieties of beautiful colours- blue, black, green, yellow, pink, lilac, orange, indigo, etc.

We work primarily in acrylics and oil paints medium on canvas and wood. We strongly believe that arts has a powerful significance in our society and also a hugh part in protecting our environment. This is why we incorporate and recycle wastes such as paper, cardboard, glasses, plastic into some art pieces in order to raise awareness to save our planet.
Our paintings predominately displays variety of bold colour that signifies, hope, growth, power and change and whatever it may represent to you. Our arts are diverse and often interacts with daily emotions- happy, nature, sad, love, sexual, anxiety, excitement etc. We certainly engages with people beyond a verbal manner connecting deeper into ones subconsciousness thus deflecting certain unique emotions that lives profoundly within you.

We hope that our paintings would tell a unique story letting out all your colourful emotions as well as languages you never knew existed within you.

Le Viève Arts are specially made with love JUST FOR YOU!

*P.s- 10% percentage of profit gained is channeled to international aid and development.