Gator Muse

Gator Muse

Cassandra Altgilbers is a self-taught artist originally from New Mexico. Using a variety of mediums to create works with vibrant color and whimsical characters. She enjoys illustrating for children’s stories, but also uses her exaggerated characters to convey humor or playful insights. Cassandra likes to paint others as humorous caricatures or magical beings.
Cassandra started creating art the moment she could hold a crayon. Yet it wasn’t until her brother passed, when she was 21, that she really started to take her art seriously. He had always encouraged her work and is a large focal point of her inspiration to this day.

Some years later Cassandra’s artwork shifted into a new field after her sister passed at the age of 34. She begin creating her long necked ladies such as ‘Geisha Dreams’, ‘Nature’, and ‘Lush’. These gentle ladies have a variety of things in their hair or on their head with exaggerated necks. Her sister’s long hair was the inspiration for them as she would often have her hair get tangled in random bits or caught on her purse strap.

Cassandra uses her art to work through her grief while also bringing color and humor to the lives of others. She currently resides in West Virginia with her son and fur beasts.

Fun Fact: The name Gator Muse was inspired by her childhood. As a young girl she couldn't pronounce her own name and thought it was Alligator.