You may not consider yourself a devoted "art collector" in the traditional sense but I imagine that you truly love beautiful things and this translates in to a love of art. Your "collecting" may support the belief that when you enhance your environment you enhance your life. The right colors or sentiments rendered often have an emotional impact and it's my hope that you are a person who also appreciates details intermixed with a bit of style.

My name is Gregory Christie and that's the type of art I create. It's playful with a balance of sophistication. I work traditionally with acrylic and gouache paints on paper and most of my artwork is seen in children's books. I describe my art as high end children's imagery that adults also want to enjoy.

Welcome to my online Art Pal gallery, I invite you to look at my work here or in your local library. If you see something you really love you may purchase prints and original artwork through the navigation panels. More information about me and my award wining children's books are on my website

Kid's Room




Girly Girl