Ganesh Kelagina Beedu Shenoy

Ganesh Kelagina Beedu Shenoy

Ganesh Kelagina Beedu Shenoy is a well known artist who is an Indian national residing in Qatar . In the year 2020 he has set a world record for his artwork “Most miniature paintings on a small paper card”. He painted 1156 miniature paintings on a small paper card measuring 17 cm X 17 cm, and each miniature painting measures 0.5 cm X 0.5 cm, setting the world record for most miniature paintings ever painted on a small paper card.

In the year 2019 he had broken both India and Asia record in the field of fine art by creating 1029 miniature paintings, with 775 miniature paintings sized 1cm × 0.5cm and remaining 254 paintings sized 1cm ×1cm, drawn on a single A4 paper card using color pencils and acrylic colors. .Ganesh Shenoy is the son of famous and well known artists of South India, Late K Pundalik Shenoy and late Padmini Shenoy. Ganesh Shenoy was born in the year 1967 at Mangalore, India and was educated in Kerala and Karnataka. He has two Postgraduate Degrees, one in Social Work and other in Human Resources Management. He is working as Human Resources Manager in Sodexo at Qatar. Right from his childhood he was interested in painting and has secured many prizes from school days to College. He is deeply interested in Religion, Philosophy, Occultism, Mysticism etc. He is a Freemason and also an active worker of Theosophical Society. He regularly delivers lectures on fine art and spiritual subjects. His parents trained him in painting and as he progressed he developed a style of his own. He is using a variety of mixed media with colour impasto including herbal. He is following expressionism, Pointillism and mosaic style.

Miniature Paintings

Optical Illusion

Landscape & Still Life - Pointillism

Hindu Art - Pointillism style

Art Nude

Jesus Christ