Gallery Zet

Gallery Zet

Creating art is not exactly like writing but very similar in a sense. Probably more to poetry than to prose. Even though there is always (well, almost always) a roughly preconceived and somewhat predefined idea of what any artistic effort should result in, there is alway a surprise coming from the canvas (silk, paper or whatever). That elusive feeling of being slightly off tune, being a step behind of your very own self ... keeps the hunger (for more) alive.

For this very reason, it is not that relevant what the final product ends up being. It is so much more rewarding to realize the distance between what you knew and what you didn't. With time, artistic expectations gradually move from "what it will be" to "what it will become."

Maybe that's why artists are not rushing to dissect, justify, contextualize ... or simply explain their work. It's always too late.

Iouri Bairatchnyi