Abstract Fine Art & Photography by Len Morales Jr.

Abstract Fine Art & Photography by Len Morales Jr.


Who am I?
My name is Len Morales Jr. I’m a Scottsdale, Arizona based artist born and raised in the coastal town of Oxnard located in Ventura County, California. I continue to refine a unique abstract and impressionistic style that conveys peace, light, and passion. I also produce landscape and portrait photography. My work is spiritually driven and influenced by my love for family, life and for others.

100% Self Taught
I have never taken art classes. I have continued to work and experiment with various mediums. I predominantly produce large format pieces on canvas and I consistently strive to add lively, unique pieces that reflect the love, beauty and the light of my surroundings. My private collection includes abstract, figurative and photography pieces. My paintings are created in various mediums including acrylic, water color, pastel, and oil paint. Furthermore, I also create digital prints that are based on my original photos and draw in pencil and charcoal.

Commission me to Create for you!
I’m available to be commissioned to create personalized and exclusive fine art pieces including portraits and landscapes. I also can be hired to do special portrait and creative photography. I can create any size piece for almost any space. I take special pride in making my customers happy no matter what, and that’s why I offer a 100% Guarantee With No Risk on every piece I sell and install. If you’re not 100% satisfied for any reason, I will paint you another piece until you are. It’s that simple.

Charity and Community Work
I provide support to Raising Up Humanity, an international non-profit organization with current operations in Israel, focused on helping bring peace to turbulent areas in the Middle East. Additionally, I have been a contributing artist and supporter to the Both Ends Burning Campaign, an organization securing the basic human rights and reforming the adoption laws for children, and the American Heart Association. Most recently I’ve been supporting Phoenix Charity and Development Appeal and a Harvest Partner of Greg Laurie, Harvest.org.

Once we hang or install one of my unique paintings, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the unique beauty it brings to your space. However, if you decide you don't like it for any reason, you can send it back to me, and I will paint you another piece that you do like. It's that simple!

For more information visit: http://gallerylen.com/
Contact: info@gallerylen.com
Phone: 310-795-5219

Heart Series Collection

Landscape Collection

Maui Series