"About Alexandra Romanova (Александра Романова)
Alexandra Romanova is the famous expressionist artist in Sain-Petersburg. She started to study painting at the Art Studio under the State Hermitage Museum. Romanova graduated from the Art and Industry Academy, the Department of Art History and Cultural studies, also graduated from the Academy of Theatre Arts, majoring in art director in the puppet theater.
Besides, Romanova is art historian and cultural studies expert, PhD, member of the Artists Union of Russia (section of painting), a member of the Writers' Union, the art director for the puppet theater performances, author of the novels ""The Puppeteer"" and ""Oil on canvas"", a participant and organizer of many exhibitions.
Her works are kept in private collections in Russia, Belarus, France, Spain, Turkey, USA, Malta, Germany, Finland, Latvia and also decorate public interiors of St. Petersburg."

About Aron Zinshtein.
Aron Zinshtein was born on October 13, 1947 in Nizhny Tagil. In 1972-1977 years he moved to Leningrad and studied at the faculty ""Interior and equipment"" of Leningrad Higher Institut of Decorative and applied arts named after V.Mukhina. After graduation he worked in ""GlavLeningradStroy"", created monumental and decorative art. In 1988 he joined the Union of Artists.
Now he has a workshop on Vasilevsky Island. Zinshtein work often resembles children's drawings that the artist collects gladly. Zinshtein works in various genres of fine art: painting, engraving, drypoint, lithography, sculpture, installation, porcelain. Zinshteins works pronounced expressive manner. In his works there is always movement, joy, emotion.
His works are hosted at the main galleries around the world.

About Alexey Miheev

Alex is conceptual artist, a master of photo-hyperrealism. Aleksey Mikheev was born 19.09.1982 in Yoshkar-Ola, Russia Education:
2003-2009 Saint-Petersburg State Academy of art and design of A.L.Shtiglits Faculty of monumental and decorative painting
1997-2001 Yoshkar-Ola Art College. Faculty of General design. His exhibitions were held in large galleries in St. Petersburg, London and Moscow.


Alexey Miheev. Oil on canvas

Alexandra Romanova. Oil on canvas