Gallery1821 is the trademark created by the artist Thierry Delsaux in 2008.
Delsaux Thierry was born in Liège in Belgium. Since young he is fascinated by the images and their power, which are finally fragmented by the time. His first one memory and furtive pictures at the TV were Amstrong who was walking on the moon. He grew among mechanic clocks and cameras which his parents sold or repaired.

His arts education began when he was a young child by photographic exploration and cinemamatographic in Super 8. His late artistic calling, really began when he met his wife, an artist and an italian architect. He develops his sense of colors and theme by studying the history and paintings of the Italian revival, the french impressionists.
William Turner and especially Vang gogh fascinates him; his tastes and his imagination are fed by the symbolist Odilon Redon or the surrealists Dali, and Delvaux.

It is a creative, rarely satisfied by its works. A painting is never finished as he likes to say it : "it has its education to do, it has to reach its maturity".He doesn't like very much statements, what is important for him it is that the person who discovers his painting feels a positive emotion, a fastening or a reference in his own life...

At about the 2001s, he leaves his brushes aside and dashes into a research on the digital painting. This quest lasted seven years. His painting today is purely digital or mixed in the process of creation, but in the end, his work is digital. It allows him to express the images that he has in him for a long time, but also the human feelings of every day as the sadness, the guilt...

His painting is like a detachment of the real, immaterial, a disembodiment as the spirit is. It is a colorist, he likes the deserted areas strewed with objects or with beings. His landscapes with a strong perspective are close universes and parallel. His themes are declined in some variations, as in music. His works are tinged with Christianity: the Wooden posts raised up, which there are always three, make reference to the cruel scene of the crucifixion of Jesus-Christ. The nature, the animals have a sense, they play a role, A role of consciousness in its universe. Trees are the guards of our soul. He likes the landscapes with a strong perpective as to order the things, the beings submitted to the time which is elapsing.

Delsaux develops over time a universe where one feels almost freed, even when he expresses sad feelings : it is the time just after, as bells sounds divides the time. It is time of the mourning of the feelings towards the fullness.


Botanical Empathy

Personal Confession