Galerie VUE

Galerie VUE

Galerie VUE curates Art Exhibitions of the polymath artist, Caroline Madeofjellyfish Boileau aka "CaB", all year round on the French Atlantic Island, the Isle of Ré.
The Art Gallery is located at the heart of the oceanic village of Les Portes en Ré, facing the church and its steeple.
Original artworks are exhibited and sold onsite at the Gallery as well as online via person to person contact: Paintings, Drawings, Inks, Photographs, Sculptures, Multimedia works. Selected merchandising, matching past & current exhibitions is also available: Cards and Exhibition Catalogues, figurines, etc.

On Artpal, you will have the unique opportunity to get a printed version or a printed goodie of the original artwork you want at home.
If current pricing discourages your "Really wanting something", please feel free to contact me either via Instagram or Facebook, and I'll make sure "price" is not an obstacle.





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