Galeria Martin

Galeria Martin

It is a pleasure to share my artwork with you all.
Through my works, I want to do more inner freedom and creativity.
My works represent my world and my circumstances.
Inner experiences, life situations we go through, I want to convey thoughts to others.
All this reflected through artistic painting techniques.

The inspiration comes from anything that excites me.
A color that vibrates my sensitivity, enchanted landscapes, suns and moons, a flower, a gesture, a smile, joy and pain.

Realize works of art because through them I try to show the passion and desire that applied on canvas, allows me a deep connection with my feelings.

As an artistic painter, art practice is restorative for me, since I know that through the techniques of painting, there is the possibility to create and recreate tirelessly issues that affect my sensibility giving life to new things.

My philosophy of art is a challenge, because I dare to find out what's inside me, and then offer it to others with love.
I would like to convey a message to the people and encourages them to set aside away from the routines of life and concerns, and enjoy some quality time.
Through my art I try to offer an optimistic message and reflect the love of life and nature that I feel.
If you have any requirement on any of the works of art displayed in the gallery, or to purchase a work, do not hesitate to contact me at
You can send me comments about my work.
You can ask for any information about my work or about my new events and exhibitions.

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All reproductions and copyrights are retained by the Artist: Paul Martin, even after the transfer of ownership of the artwork to another person through a purchase.