14' avenue by Gabriella

14' avenue by Gabriella


Creation comes form the inside desire to share my own remarks about life. Remarks which come from observing and feeling alive atmosphere around all the time. Discovered notices, messages between the lines, the answers and new questions are what I am reflecting by my brushstrokes in paintings.
My paintings usually become unique moment. Moment which has it‘s own character, story or even a specific date. My created paintings have the vibe of 1970 details, subtile colours, time passing symbolism.

Nostalgia and sentimental mood that lingers in the air. Remainder of the years that have passed. Days full of daily and constant routine. Specific spirit, scent, second that you can feel in daily moment. These moments are full of silence, longing, nostalgia and subtile hint.

Creation for me is a bond between sensibility and industrial fragment. The bond where every small detail has a meaning has a reason.