Alexander gabelia

Alexander gabelia

Alexander Gabelia was born in Republic of Georgia in 1984.
Recieved Academical Art education in UK.
Lives in Tbilisi, Georgia.
is a member of the Federation of British Artists (FBA).

My works blends the classical ideals of Abstract painting with a unique style.

The process of transforming paint and other materials into images continues to compel and challenge me. Painting fills me with a sense of well-being and humility, and has proven to be a satisfying way for me to translate my visual ideas into a physical reality.

I paint both what I see and what I feel—focusing on the sensation and context of my experience. I work deliberately, employing both traditional and innovative techniques, while letting the uncertain nature of painting free my hand. My paintings are finished when they are able to convey a moment or sensation of where I am, as well as what I am seeing.