FuzzyEdges' Fractal Art

FuzzyEdges' Fractal Art


“The fractal has been typecast - relegated to the backs of everyone’s minds as either a neat math trick or tired stoner pop-art. But it is much, much more than that. Fractals are everywhere and everything - from branches of a tree, to the patterned cluster of a blackberry, to the very pattern of your brain’s neurons. Fractals answer several questions at once, at a glance, and with far more elegance and accuracy than words could convey. My art seeks to break the fractal free from supposition, and illustrate various truths. Chaos is just an overly complicated pattern. Consciousness is a formula, and we are the variables.”


FuzzyEdges (John Hawkins, Jr.) lives in southwest Florida, and has been creating digital art since the early 90s. He’s quite odd, and mildly antisocial, but don’t let that discourage you from saying hi.