Ian Kydd Miller

Ian Kydd Miller


Ian Kydd Miller (aka Fusion). Is a Freelance Photographer currently living and working in South East Asia, and his involvement, and exposure to photography stems back some fourty Years.

'' I realizes that with my experience, and time in Photography, that you can’t just rely on your past knowledge, the Digital Age, will not allow it, knowledge and experience is never-ending''. Learning to think and look linked with an immediate ability to use the equipment choosen is an essential part of being successful.

Ian is currently based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. and will be living almost exclusively in Phnom Penh City and using this as his base for further freelance work and the exploration of the whole of South East Asia.

Ian is currently working on a number of projects, personal and professional. He regularly provides selected NGO's (None Government Agencies) with pictures and documents their work and progress.

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